20° Mostly Sunny

Through the screened balcony door wafts the carnivorous aroma of a barbecue. Likely it is from the corner unit below. Overnight their seasonal patio furniture has materialized. It has taken but one day of climbing temps and azure skies reflected in the river to invoke the broadband summer tradition. Coincidentally this morning we spoke with Chef Wendy MacDonald at the Mississippi Golf Club. The latest intelligence is that the clubhouse opens for business on Friday. We have accordingly booked our inaugural outing though regrettably sans Mr. Bones who is bound for duty in the Operating Room.

It is impossible not to be poised for the unequivocal delight of impending springtime and summer. The entire panorama is burgeoning with promise and spectacle. The tiny black gnats have already begun to appear as elements of the graduated synchromism and symphony of nature.

Synchromism is based on the idea that color and sound are similar phenomena and that the colors in a painting can be orchestrated in the same harmonious way that a composer arranges notes in a symphony. Macdonald-Wright and Russell believed that, by painting in color scales, their visual work could evoke the same complex sensations as music. As Macdonald-Wright said, Synchromism simply means ‘with color’ as symphony means ‘with sound.’ The phenomenon of “hearing” a color or the pairing of two or more senses–synesthesia—was also central to the work of Wassily Kandinsky, who was developing his own synesthetic paintings, or “compositions,” in Europe at approximately the same time.

The anticipated luxuriance of the favoured season is overwhelming. Its richness and abundance are almost beyond record. The whimsy of the plants and the stunning spectacles of a summer morn have yet to ignite and assemble, restoring a superlative status of magnificence abounding in colour and sound. How long ago were those frosty winter days of narrow sunlight and wistful yearning? And yet, now, of a sudden short pants are here!

On the horizon as well are not only projections of images but a catalogue of events. Of all the divisions of the year, summertime is perhaps the most inviting for travel and excursion. Instead of pulling back or hunkering down, the motives are unconfined to land, sea or air. The thick, dark blue of the springtime sky has replaced the passive grey of winter’s mask. The fluffy white clouds reflect the pink colour of the late afternoon sunshine.