8:55 am

The reflection of the morning light upon the water in the marine inlet projects itself onto the second storey windows of the townhouse opposite. The entirety of the building is ablaze in light, a startling rejection of obscurity. Beneath on the pathway adjacent the marine inlet I see the occasional walker fulfilling his or her constitutional duty, some are walking a dog.  A drop of avocado oil forms at the corner of my mouth as I manipulate my ham and cheese single slice combination, employing the smallest renditions of knife and fork available in the kitchen drawer. The knife has serrated edges for precision and limitation.

Meanwhile my Apple Watch charges on the table beside me.  Last night I forgot to remove it and place it on the charger. Already it is up to 77%.  I’m waiting until it is fully charged before I begin my daily ritual. A Mozart Te Deum Laudamus elevates the morning fantasy. It’s another ideal day, a blanket of blue sky above, bright sunshine and heat. My implausible day of productivity, devoted shamelessly to indolence. What alternative is there to be preferred in this uncommon retreat? I may at least make good my amusement by the doubtful advantage of the tricycle.