A Grand Day

Sensing as I do how dangerously close I am to being bipolar, I hesitate to express too effusively the unsurpassed bounty of the day lest I risk portraying instead an unwarranted serendipity. It would however require more than a psychological disorder to dampen the combined reward of perfect weather, matchless blue skies, dazzling sun and uncommon high pressure.  My head has been swimming endlessly with indescribable sentiments promoted by the vibrancy of this especially radiant day.

We cradled the awakening day by taking breakfast at Gruby’s New York Deli. We ordered eggs, lox and onions, a toasted sesame bagel, grits and black, strong coffee.  Even the owner’s son, who was in the dumps because of all that lay ahead of him in the kitchen, picked up the rhythm within moments of slicing the roast beef and ham. We allayed his normally cautious commercial instincts by telling him that anything close to a half-pound was fine, including the 3/4 pound of roast beef he eventually served up.  And he invited us to call ahead in the future for a special order of bagels (which I assured him I preferred to any others on the market).

Afterwards we attended at the property we’ve arranged to take for five months next year.  We conducted a general re-inspection of the various rooms, light switches, dimmer switches, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage and appliances. What particularly pleased me was the brightness of the home, something which is in fact unusual on the Island. The intense summer heat makes for preferred shady environments.  We are both enthusiastic about the place.  We returned the key to the estate agent on our way back to our residence.  En route I stopped at the automatic car wash to permit the sheet metal to reflect the brilliance of the day.

Within minutes of arriving home I was on my bike and headed to the beach. As I have learned to expect at this time of year the beach was almost empty. The few people or couples I saw were miles apart. I cycled with the wind from Beach Club Resort to Coligny Park then, having paused there briefly to check my email, I turned back against the wind but into the sun.  At the southern point of the Island I collapsed upon the dunes and absorbed the heat of the sun and the sounds of the Ocean.  Again and again I marvelled at how wonderful it all was!