A man of many parts

It isn’t often that one meets a man of many parts; and, it is less often that one is aware of having done so. The collision of both the privilege and the benefit are infrequent and fleeting; and they are as easily and as swiftly mistakenly overlooked. I have today upon modest reflection exceeded that social ignorance, a transcendence which no doubt will prove as ephemeral as its accidental appearance and my unwitting absorption. It is nonetheless an excess I welcome with uncommon satisfaction. The approbation likewise derives from both its nutrition and its singularity. In short it invigorates me to make the gentleman’s acquaintance. In one’s daily life, either because of its anesthetizing mundanity or its blind devotion to repetition or its undervalued frequency of novelty, the occasion for the charm of a box of chocolates or of a man of many parts is truly unique and sophisticated.

Recognizing the dynamism of anybody is of necessity subject to inhibition. One’s power of identification of potency is marred by preconception of limitation. In addition it is I concede normally only a seasoned technician who will appreciate the delicacy of composition. And to those who are by nature generous, any being howsoever splendid or unimpressive is part of humanity and thereby entitled by that virtue alone to deference albeit measured at times.  But indisputably there are those who on occasion exceed the limits of generality. I have today encountered such a man. So manifest was his influence, so broad was his appeal, so critical was his refinement that I could not but approve the result. Sometimes the most grand evolution is wrought from the most implausible beginning. Yet ça existe!

So, Dear Reader, how shall I characterize this ineffable man? Heralded as he is by the rhapsody of expression, his description would seem an impossible project! And indeed it is in many ways. Yet I am assisted in this enterprise by my innate sensibilities, those reactions which are as elemental as flight from peril. We are conditioned by nature to approve the forceful qualities of those within our presence. My only regret is that often upon such a unique encounter we are overtaken by the experience and permit our marvel to fade from sight.  For the moment however I shall relish my entitlement.