A mat finish

Before I betray annoyance I must first remind myself of the adage, “Never look a gift horse in the mouth!

Since horses’ teeth change over time, inspecting their teeth is a way of gauging age. However, doing such a check would be a sign of mistrust towards the giver.

From Middle English texts for “given horse”:
No man ought to looke a geuen hors in the mouth.John Heywood, 1546.

The substitution of gift for given occurred in 1663 in Butler’s Hudibras, because the iambic tetrameter required a shortening:

He ne’er consider’d it, as loth
To look a Gift-horse in the mouth.

Although uncertain, the origin can be traced even further to St. Jerome’s Latin Equi dentes inspicere donati., from the Preface to the Commentaries of the Letter to the Ephesians, circa AD 400, where it is denoted as a “common proverb” (“vulgare proverbium”). In: Patrologia Latina Volume 26, S. Eusebii Hieronymi, Stridonensis Presbyteri, Commentariorum In Epistolam Ad Ephesios Libri Tres, 537-538.

You see, the thing is my particular horse was not exactly a gift. In fact far from it! As a result I am less than besotted with the Letter to the Ephesians or any of its scintillating derivations.

Another major theme in Ephesians is the keeping of Christ’s body (that is, the Church) pure and holy.

Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.
— Ephesians 5:1–2

In the second part of the letter, Ephesians 4:17–6:20, the author gives practical advice in how to live a holy, pure, and Christ-inspired lifestyle.

My reluctance to confess this biblical admonition does not however contaminate by native sense of moral decency. Indeed if I were to be completely honest I acknowledge that in the past I have been wrong.  I mention this because it is a stinging reminder that all is not what it may first appear to be.  Additionally it is useful I have found to keep in mind that things may get worse before they get better; and it may therefore be worthy of recollection that one just might wish he or she had been content not to stir the pot in the first place so to speak!

Having said that I nonetheless appreciate that my “associates” in connection with this dilemma have demonstrably done all they can to put right the conundrum. In plain terms the retail sales people are not physicians. Even assuming one has had the accuracy to identify the question, this does not mean that “barking up the wrong tree” is the answer. Seemingly resort to the manufacturer is no insight either. It is further apparent that there exist problems which are unsolvable. In fact this is a crystallization of what I am being told – essentially, “It is what it is!” While this does not totally absolve the accusation it at least clarifies in its own way.

As this juncture it is useful to assess life’s ambitions on a level exceeding the immediacy of the physical domaine. Engrossing oneself in the argumentative disruption of materiality is a hopeless endeavour. This by the way from a hopeless materialist! I value the artistic and mechanical genius of things. Regrettably for me many of the things I adore are less than malleable. In defence however the scope of my allure most certainly embraces the complexity of a fine watch or a skilfully crafted bijoux. But these perfections of creation admit to analysis and adjustment more readily than the average horse.

Horses in that respect are like people; namely, you just never know! How often have we succumbed to the attraction of a person only to awaken subsequently to their demons! I understand this may constitute a huge leap in the dissection of the trifling issues at hand but it illustrates that things can turn out differently from what was initially imagined.  Therein lies the rub! Basically, how is one supposed to address an unpredicted and unwanted vexation? My unquestionable opener is that one must at least try to straighten things out. But when as in this case the product of repeated investigation turns up nothing, it may be well to say, “There, I’ve done what I can, it’s over!” I much rather report that I did whatever were possible than jettison the challenge overboard. But having done that, it’s time to move on!

It was thus that today we collectively drew the confrontation to order with a mat finish. Both the local people and the mystical cyberspace dwellers have weighed in as best they can.  It would clearly insult my tact to pretend that their capacity for improvement were any greater than it obviously is not. Living with truth is no indignity. It is the nature of our being to endure the misfortune of reality.