À propos…

Ce qui vient à propos, opportunément.

It would require a far more perspicacious individual than I to enlarge potently upon the many moments convenable which heightened today’s unhurried breakfast of family members at the Mississippi Golf Club on the bulging Mississippi River. Each of us was by some coil related to the other. One for example is renowned by the cumbersome description, “the son of the daughter of the brother of your mother”; another equally taxing, “the partner of the brother of your mother and of your cousin once removed”.  Or words to that effect.  I’ve probably got it wrong. I was never good identifying complicated lineage. It is an exceedingly trying sequence, one which naturally depends on one’s perspective.

As we munched our breakfast of blueberry pancakes, bacon and sausage, occasionally shifting our chairs at table to escape the heated rays, sipping casually our coffee and iced water, glancing about to see the golfers at the first tee or returning on the last nine and approaching the green, we inadvertently shared stories (most of which I have reason to believe are true) with one another. Inexpressibly and by penetrating and incremental process we strengthened the voltage of our connection to one another. While it may not be unusual for many others to have the company of family only, it constitutes for me a uniquely pleasing event. As I said at the time, as though to punctuate the observation, the familial alliance is legitimate. It not only conforms to laws and rules but in a word is authentic. You take what you get and make the best of it. There’s no cutting corners. Each of them is a member of your family; that’s what you’ve got. And they’ve got you!

I say this not to diminish the view of our family by any measure. Rather my purpose is to emphasize the singularity of the perfume of the family, the intoxication of its unique expression, the sincerity and unwitting association propelled by each reciprocity.

I feel very privileged to have such a dynamic and witty family to include among my own.