It will not be the first time we’ve been to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. We were last there for the winter in 2016. At that time – following a succession of prior trips to Hilton Head Island – we were being prompted by our vagabond friends to consider a more temperate zone for hibernation. Spirited by adventurous ambition – and perhaps by the snootiness of our friends – we began slowly to descend the Atlantic Ocean coast along the justifiably popular Route A1A overlooking the frothing sea while glinting through what at times resembled local fishing villages. It proved to be an uncomfortable and unwelcome transition most notably from the concierge-style property management of the agency on Hilton Head Island to the strictly commission-based application of the real estate agency on Daytona Beach Shores.  And while we certainly valued the overall comfort of the modern three-bedrosom apartment on the Atlantic Ocean, it wasn’t with much hesitation that we subsequently canceled a further booking at another place nearby for the next year and chose instead to check out Longboat Key. We had a small acquaintance with Longboat Key through the resort on Longboat Club Road where coincidentally we ended staying during our first winter there.

Initially upon the announcement just days ago of the opening of the Canada/USA border for non-essential vehicular travel we had tried finding a place in the Florida Keys. But it proved too late in the season to begin looking for long term arrangements. It was the same story on Longboat Key. By a stroke of luck and with the benefit of referral from our erstwhile estate agent we secured something suitable on Hilton Head Island.

Being absent from a place for even five years promises enormous potential change. I would be content with the way things were but I’ve learned not to count on it. We distinctly have the privilege of reminiscing and seeing what’s new. In addition we’ve already begun our adventures further abroad by making a booking for a visit to Tavernier on the Florida Keys.

One cannot help but wonder whether the enthralment of a venture is as much the planning as the execution.  We’ve noticeably buoyed our spirits since the beginning of this propitious turn of events.  Not that I have a scintilla of hesitation about spending time in our present circumstances. Yet the elation of new vistas (including I might add the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains) makes for an exciting possibility especially in the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness“.