Afternoon nap

It’s a grey and misty Saturday afternoon, a subdued and mixed atmosphere of fluctuating clarity and whimsical obscurity. An air of uncertainty prevails. Will the clouds clear?  Will the rain stop? I am just now awakening from an especially somniferous afternoon nap.  On the right, the river is a darkened bluish-grey; on the left the sunshine pierces the cloudy skies with broad bands of sunlight.

Earlier this morning we rallied at the golf club for breakfast with our Nova Scotian friends Jay and Alana. Afterwards they visited our village apartment before proceeding with their weekend agenda. I in turn subsequently drove into Stittsville to have the car washed. When I returned home, rather than go directly to the apartment, I briefly tooled about the neighbouhood on my tricycle. I am convinced the tricycling numbs my lower limbs and feet but it nonetheless succeeds to irrigate my perpetually thirsty fitness motif.

I sit at my desk in the drawing room overlooking the much enhanced meadow. The country weeds, thistles and flowers are rife. As I look upriver there is nothing new to be seen. The plateau of the river water is interminable and indecipherable.  The river is ignorant or indifferent of the latest modification to our syllabus. The blackbirds across the meadow suddenly appear in numbers, dipping and diving, commensurate with an unreckoned vault of wind across the river.

We continue to contemplate the precipitous events of the past week. Blended together, the noxious and robust elements of our evolution compete for propriety. Puzzling over the unwitting alterations is however a wearing task. Yet we’re reluctant to succumb to despondency as Nature’s fluctuations and modest disappointments circulate. Interestingly as we incrementally adjust to the modification and the acceptance of the sea change, we are commensurately adapting to the reformulation. While our initial redesign of things may have seemed abrupt it nonetheless reflects a welcome revision. It is a delicate operation to quantify the competing elements of a perfect absorption.

Yet in an instant we have seemingly succeeded to evolve upon two ideal refinements neither of which outdoes the other. Perfection is by definition exclusive. Until we harness our objectives more precisely we’ve settled upon containment of provocation. Our erstwhile hapless ventures are now the sinews of growth and expansion. The sky has cleared; the river glistens and churns beneath the early evening clouds.