The past several days have felt like diving for pearls, up and down, in and out. The strategy of refinement is daily corrupted. I suppose it isn’t an uncommon pursuit. Perfection. Nor entirely an unanticipated outcome. Tumult. Surely perfection is an unattainable ideal, a fabrication of the mind when nothing else beckons or distracts; or maybe it is merely the leaver to pull to restrict the flow. I had thought there might be more settlement of the bottom disturbances. Yet I linger on commotion instead.  In present circumstances it hardly matters not to subdue the dust completely.  The atmosphere above the multiple ingredients of collywobbles is otherwise singularly inviting, a cool but unquestionably moderate air, a profitable mix of sunshine and blue sky; and of course the perpetual squawking of the Canada geese in the nearby remnant corn fields or their ineffable arrows of flight descending upon the glassy mirror of the Mississippi River whence the plateaux of ice and snow are now gone.

Geometry, correspondence and configuration. Those are not the objects of nature. They are devices of humanity, contrivances to limit and project what otherwise transpires within the effluxion of time, the passage of the seasons, the hours of the day. The grey and blue colours reflected in the river; the soft and inviting depths of cloud in the sky. These are the tools of my industry, the complicted elements of my humble hobby, the blended composition of thought and purpose.

Today I rallied at Equator Coffee with a volatile source of deep water. Nor shall I further attempt to capture his unique image! A man from beyond, a man intent upon discovery, prompted by his success and achievement, a man rich with ambition and the means to fulfill it, a man who accepts what he sees, unmoved by design or pretence. A man with an exciting future before him, no doubt!  But our acquaintance is thus satisfied. The object of the reunion is complete.  We each have our scope and directions to follow. We are thus aligned.

And for my part, when aforehand returning from the car wash, a speck upon the windshield.  I stopped at the roadside to remove the obstacle, to render the vision complete and unperturbed. My means of expression are confined to a straight line. Reunited with perfect clarity, the choir of Trinity College Cambridge to elevate the scene. And thence a chocolate croissant to enhance the triple espresso! There is no more satisfying communion!