All directions south

By inexplicable fortuity we have accomplished today what has been heavy on our minds for six months. We have this morning unloaded our possessions in our new digs along the Mississippi River; and, we have this afternoon launched our winter journey to Key Largo. Inherent in these two branches of accomplishment are other transitions and growth.

The most immediate development is the re-opening of the Canada/USA border. The closure was a lingering by-product of COVID-19 which kept us captive for almost two years during which we were unable schedule our long-term sojourn.

A second circumstance was to address the imminent death of our former landlord; and, after having done so, to relocate to a tenancy which was not only governed by perpetual existence of the corporate landlord but also marked by comparative credentials.

In each of these features the ingredients of chance and design cannot be understated. While I will presume to take some of the credit for the favourable evolution of our cause, the fact that the distillation of our preparations arose so seemingly precipitously within the past two days lends a character of amazement to the process.  Not to mention the happy chance of azure skies and balmy temperatures, punctuated by the late autumn beauty along the Ivy Lea Parkway.

So this evening we languish in Gananoque along the St. Lawrence River duly sated after having dined upon a focaccia sandwich made with fresh poached salmon by Little Sisterz in the Village of Spencerville. We’ve laundered our clothing. The remaining Almonte Breeze has been drunk. Our multiple devices (watch, iPhone, computer) have been recharged. We shall soon retire for what will hopefully be a deep sleep free of planning.

Tomorrow upon awakening we’ll head south for breakfast in upstate New York.