An ideal day!

Though I got out of bed this morning much later than I would have preferred, my sleep had been uncommonly restful.  The soothing suspension of consciousness energized my new day purpose.  Immediately I showered and shaved then dressed for bicycling. When I got onto my bike and set off I initially thought I had over-dressed with a hoodie on but that concern proved unfounded. It was a fresh day by summer standards, a dry uplifting north wind, blue sky, fluffy white clouds and yellow sunshine beaming everywhere.

On a day like this the complications of humanity and the world seem less disparaging and more complimentary than they sometimes are. The lush green trees, manicured lawns and flowering exuberance in the neighbourhood afforded a picturesque view. I confined my bicycling enthusiasm to the 5km route I’ve been following for the past year. And as usual I thought about things, about people, about the world.  And I actually came to what I believe are some profitable conclusions notwithstanding the apparent narcotic tranquillity of the environment.

First and foremost is the verdict that it is far better and more useful to tolerate and accept oneself and others for what we are than to ambush or belittle either for whatever reason. This I know sounds ominously similar to the “Don’t worry, be happy!” cliché but it is based on the pragmatic decision to recognize people (including oneself) for what we are instead of fighting illegitimate battles to change or reform. Besides there are far more direct methods to distance oneself from humanity than by affirmation. I think that the latter is more productive.  Rising above what exists is a tact blended with reality and acuity. It is for example only by direct application that we succeed to sharpness of thought. And when I say “rising above” I mean only the skill to confront an obstruction (as we all must certainly do from time to time) and to overcome the hurdle uninhibited by useless insinuation or mistrust. This doesn’t mean we mustn’t admit the drawbacks we perceive; but that we see them only as part of the currency, the stream within which we swim. Unless one is strangely devoted to altering native human traits, it is so much more comfortable just enjoying the scenery.