And I swam in the sea…

It was a day of relentless debate and hesitation, determinations lobbing back and forth and always with uncertainty. From the moment I finished my customary breakfast of sliced green apple, Brie cheese and steel cut oats I was uncertain about what to do – whether to take a day off from bicycling or lounge in the glorious sun by the pool. I did however succumb to my persistent instinct to start with the constitutional bicycle ride if for no other reason than to combat the possibility of remorse later on for not having done so. It proved to be the right decision.

Today is a Monday. There was the predictable lack of family congregation along the bicycle path and at Bayfront Park. The weekends are understandably more active in that regard. I was however surprised not to see more people bicycling or walking because the weather could not have been better – brilliant sunshine, clear blue sky, moderately warm temperature and a light balmy wind.

I knew before I reached Bayfront Park that I had every intention of going for a swim in sea. The ambient temperature was ideal – approaching 80 degrees Fahrenheit – and I felt it was opportune to swim in the sea. It had been weeks since I last swam in the sea and I needed the accomplishment to determine my anxiousness to do so. I continued my bicycle ride as usual by going to the bench overlooking Sarasota Bay. I sat there, eyes closed, absorbing the warmth of the sun.

When I got back onto my bicycle I headed directly across the Gulf of Mexico Drive to the sea. There was only one couple nearby sitting on the beach. I stood on the shore, first testing the water with my toes, then strode back and removed my clothes in preparation for the swim. I then proceeded directly into the sea. The water was cool but not cold. I ended spending considerable time swimming, diving and floating before going back onto the beach. I felt vindicated! My prior reluctance had proven to be of no consequence.