Another fall…

This time I fell from my tricycle, my EVO tricycle, not from my bicycle as I did last year.  Apparently the issue is more than balance; the three wheels of the tricycle were profitless on this occasion. I was briefly on the sidewalk, attempting to regain the roadway after avoiding the construction crew, but I tipped onto the pavement.  As you might expect the fall was not entirely precipitous. But it was withal undignified.  I had been barely moving.  But the curb of the sidewalk afforded just enough elevation from the road that I lost balance.  I probably would have spared myself the embarrassment and injury if I had been moving more quickly.  But I wasn’t. The trike tipped. And I fell.  In the result I made a bloody mess.  Banged the left 4th finger (which I suppose was a welcome sacrifice in favour of the bloodstone pinky ring); uplifted the top layer of skin on my left-hand palm;  blunted my knee (the new replacement knee so I hardly felt a thing); and finally damaged my left shin (though I have no recollection what I hit, whether the pavement or an interfering particle of the tricycle).

The men of the construction crew (GOA) were immediately helpful, lifting me to my feet (I needed the help, I arched immobile over the tricycle and pavement like a crab), then wiping the blood from my hand and leg; even securing bandages from their truck then helping me apply. It was a veritable constabulary of benefactors. And naturally I am hugely grateful to them as Good Samaritans.  I didn’t get their names (there were at least three of them) other than to establish that they are from Denbigh, Ontario near Renfrew which pretty much bespeaks them as having that ineffable Ottawa Valley bloodline. They would no doubt be pleased to learn that they have once again proven the suspicion of singularity.

Of far less significance is that it was thus that I avoided my initial early morning conundrum about what to write today.  Rather sooner than I had anticipated I was submerged into that undeniable obstruction called physical injury. It’s a nuance with clothes, always having to ensure there is no chance of blemish. The bandages may require daily repeat. And now the 4th finger is starting to show its pain (and what is certain to be aggravated arthritis).

Of more import is that, what else has transpired today is by comparison incomparable! For example, the weather has been utterly perfect, with a healthy breeze. The river is blue and active from the wind. The fields are green and rich. I got my afternoon drive.  And I got my first afternoon sunshine on the deck.  We’ve discussed the misfortune that the only things we hear from outside are the geese, the buzz of flies and crickets. We’re still approaching the longest day of the year. Is it bad to feel this good?