August 31st, 2023

The end of August stands out for me. Surely it is not the end of summer.  But in this instance, an approaching long weekend marking Labour Day on the upcoming Monday, the occasion to contemplate the end of summer seems apropos. I can’t say that I had anything planned for the event. Nonetheless the blissful late summer weather attracted me; and, as a result I felt obliged to do something special.

It is a pleasing exercise to discover the local habitat.  Basically we’re within the rural Counties of Lanark and Renfrew, throughout the whole of which it is impossible not to unfold natural drama and a quiet ride along a well-paved country road. Thanks to the on-going road improvements we were inadvertently diverted from our regular progress throughout the hinterland. Technically I got lost.  But we ended puncturing the back side of Arnprior wherein we recovered our passage through the Township of Pakenham, over the 5-span bridge onto the Blakeney Side Road thence through the village (the former Rosebank) to home. But not without first having paused at Neat Café in the Village of Burnstown in the County of Renfrew for a cappuccino coffee and a chocolate peanut butter square.

We ornamented our confab on the outdoor deck at Neat Café by chatting briefly with our server who is a daughter of the proprietor, Mark Enright.  She is preparing to leave in early October for a ten-month employment in England as a teacher. If I recall correctly she is only 21 years of age so this opportunity is enormous. We naturally shared with her our own gusto for her impending adventure. It is so vitalizing to make the acquaintance of these young people who are about to make their mark in society.

As chance would have it, Jill meanwhile embellished the conversation in the cabin of the Aviator by recounting the detail surrounding the production of a professional animation feature/movie. Upon a certain level, the evolution of the creation is nothing but repetitive detail, not unlike many other complicated fabrications. But the process gives new meaning to cooperation.