Autumnal drive

Today is Sunday, October 1st. It has proven to be an unalloyed start to another month. The day could not possibly have been more enchanting. Clear skies and high seventies! It wasn’t long after 11:00 o’clock this morning following a breakfast bowl of steel cut oats that I accomplished a ritual 4Km ride on my lately lubricated, adjusted and pumped tricycle grâce à Bill Barrie Jr of Almonte Bicycle Works. He does a terrific job!  The proper air pressure in the tyres and professional adjustment of the brakes and gears make all the difference. Our cycling community would be at a loss without him.

Almonte Bicycle Works

This favourable commencement to the day was but the beginning of the unparalleled gratification that ensued. At the behest of my partner we undertook a motor vehicle tour of Lanark Highlands to investigate the autumnal changes. Unwittingly we ended diverting ourselves upon narrow country roads through tiny villages alongside lakes and rivers we had never before seen. Essentially we got lost. The names of the village streets and laneways though predominately of Scottish heritage also included those in particular which are of local renown, noticeably among them Gemmill, Pretty and Sproule.

While I did not approve of certain of the rural roads (those occasionally covered in gravel) it was a psychological obstruction I succeeded with a combination of deliberation and accommodation to overcome. By chance we stumbled upon Mr. David Slack and his artistic studio in Ompah, Ontario where we purchased a handcrafted duck decoy. For whatever reason I was determined to punctuate today’s natural magnanimity with an appropriate memento.  A good deal of the delight of the purchase was the decidedly animated conversation we relished with Mr. and Mrs. Slack (and their little dog Buddy).

As we drifted aimlessly about Lanark Highlands, up and down the hills and around the winding curves through unspeakably picturesque treelined alleyways, we discussed upcoming reunions with family and friends. Luncheon and dinner reservations resulted.  Upon our return home the dénouement was a welcome resort to Halo Car Wash™ in Stittsville where the friendly staff agreeably held court in their inimitable manner. The Sunday purge was complete!