Because, because…

Ball of Confusion
What an intrusion
A rally, a riot, a deadly plot
Attacking mob of kilowatts

Stand up and fight, Don Jr. decried
Trial by combat, Giuliani vied
They followed their leader at the top
Charging the Capitol, they did not stop

On a mission precisely planned
Storm the building, take command
Hoards of invaders like locusts they fed
On democracy sacred, they aimed to shred

A Trojan horse they seemed to be
Marauding troops attacked with glee
Armed and equipped they barged right in
They broke the glass, were there to win

Guns and gas and zip tie handcuffs
Fully armed, that bunch of toughs
More intentions than just disruption
Hostage-taking and abduction

Interrupt the voting count
Biden not their choice, surmount
Illegitimate they believe
Trump the winner, to him they cleave

Heaving-Ho they mounted strength
Break down the doors to any length
A vet was shot, a protester, she
An officer crushed, protecter, he

Reasonable suspects many are
A search for more on the radar
A foot upon the Speaker’s desk
Disrespect and quite grotesque

Painted face, a  bearskin hat
Horns on head, imagine that
The 25th, impeachment, censure
What route to take, a misadventure

Pence to go to Biden inaug
Trump not go, he’d cause a fog
Would be distraction
Because of his actions

Pence and Trump, they no speak
Silent treatment reaches a peak
Covid rages on, what’s new
One person dies every eight minutes in California, sad and true

Holiday surge not counted in
Hard to rise above the din
A full, packed week it certainly was
Why, you ask – because, because

Rocci Fisch, American political commentator