Big Day!

Can’t recall ever having been so thrilled about an election day as we – and (I’m guessing) the rest of the civilized world – were from the moment of awakening this morning. It is no accident the popular television channels are carrying films like “Air Force One” and “Dr. Strangelove” which highlight the possible horrible repercussions of a poor choice of leaders.

Election Day in America is a national event with international significance. As much as the process is lathered in gleeful anticipation and sarcastic entertainment, today’s ceremony is clearly serious. Both Americans and the nations of the world are watching with laser focus the choice of Americans for their government. For too long Americans have had to endure the regret and dismay of their current choice of president Donald J. Trump.

Try as I might to fathom the strength of Trump’s candidacy for re-election among his supporters (the so-called “Deplorables”) I am nonetheless left with the image of a narcissistic, moderately intelligent street entertainer who has had the fortune to be surrounded by a cluster of mercenary sycophants. Americans are fatigued – and embarrassed – by the outlandish performance of their president.

The repeated threat from the “right” regarding preservation of constitutional and religious entitlements is in my opinion idle amusement. My speculation is that the recovery of Americans to a position of self-esteem and international respect will be so overwhelmingly in favour of Joe Biden (and the intellectual purity and social sustainability he represents) that Trump, his down-ballot minions and base supporters will sink again into the mire of society.