Blissful ignorance

The humidity would have been intolerable had we not been lounging by the pool, sipping iced water, casually regarding the iguanas scrambling onto the pergola or ferrying across the pool, lying beneath the oven hot sun absorbing the refreshing and decidedly welcome breeze, floating in the buoyant salt water of the Gulf of Mexico or wallowing like manatees in the oblong pool.

Earlier we sat al fresco for breakfast. The water fountains gushed amid the cool morning air. The fruit was exotic multi-coloured ornaments, the buffet a bespoke double-cheese omelet with fresh dark green spinach leaves. I smothered my plate with crispy bacon dripping clear fat; two sausages on the side. When I began toasting English muffins the caring staff brought me at my request a side plate with two small white ceramic bowls containing gobs of peanut butter and butter. This was my birthday cake to be sure!

The people here are universally mesmerized by the heat and the absence of agenda. The scenery is not confined to the palm trees and glistening outbuildings; there are flowers of dark gem tones, boats and yachts languidly drifting by. The god-given natural beauty abounds!

Seldom do I rejoice so shamelessly in calculated and prolonged indulgence! I do however intend to resist the predictable victory of old age. As luck would have it the combination of my inherent maladies are sounding forth today with uncommon annoyance. It is hopefully nothing Mr. Tylenol can’t adjust in turn!

The unspoken highlight of what is putatively only my birthday celebration is the very agreeable confab we had late yesterday afternoon with the property manager of nearby Buttonwood Bay where we have contracted to spend the season next year.

This evening once again we plan to round out our acquaintance with the southern Keys here at the resort – a cool salad of local greens and a Florida lobster pasta with shrimp and crab. I know this because we spoke last evening at some length with Chef Ryan Schmidt regarding the distinguishing saffron and tarragon accompaniments, two of my favourite ingredients. Oh, yes, and the Key Lime pie! I’m not yet prepared to concede that old age has won!