Blissful summer day

What it is that prompts one to relive an old recipe from the cellar I shall never know but the vintage ingredients do not go unnoticed. The spearhead today is what was called “911” – basically, cream cheese, whipping cream, butter, smoked salmon, dill, leeks, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, pasta and Parmigiano-Reggiano. I am doing this strictly from memory so I am uncertain that I have everything straight. Certainly some makeshift additives are tolerable (mushrooms and prosciutto for example) . To my credit at the last minute while shopping at the grocery store I recalled the components for hors d’oeuvre; namely, garlic dill pickles and dried sausage slices. From where I sit the only thing missing is a vodka martini! I’ve settled instead for a double-shot espresso Americano coffee and Dosecann THC Oil Spray. The butter tarts may lose some of their attraction this evening!

This shift to 911 from my normal meal of raw veggies meant that I had extra time on hand. I am not a cook; that particular notoriety was directed to His Lordship. After buying the stuff then depositing it upon the kitchen counter this afternoon I removed myself from the crime scene. It required but a moment’s contemplation before convincing myself that another drive in the Valley was fully warranted – especially on this magically beautiful day. I fired up the Aviator and headed northward along the Ottawa River to Arnprior then westward to White Lake before winding back home through the Village of Pakenham.  A farmer had just cut the hay in his field. The aroma gripped the surrounding air as I flew over the undulating roads towards the Village of Waba.