Blog (2023 05 12)

Slowly we’re turning the wheels beneath our prevailing exigencies. The things which we knew had to be done upon our return to Canada; and the things we’ve since discovered which have added weight to the cart and provoked new dimensions and necessities. On balance we are pleased with what has transpired (and what has not).  Even as I write Mark Thompson of Inverness Homes (contractual) is doing touch-up paint work throughout the new apartment. Earlier this morning I signified the achievement of complacent residency by languishing upon a patio chair on the balcony overlooking the endlessly flowing river. Because I was peering directly into the blazing orb, my eyes were closed.  Soon I fell asleep, my head lapsing to the side, stiffening my neck. I awoke when the heat became too penetrating. The breeze was slight only. Our southeast prospect affords us about 150° of radiation from sunrise and throughout the day until the sun moves around to the southwest corner of the building to its point of setting on the distant horizon behind the Old Town Hall.

We are for the moment content to gawk at the plateaux of yellow dandelions in the sprawling adjoining fields and the budding verdant trees along the river’s flooded edge. I have not yet seen any boaters along the river but it is assured that they will soon appear. Some will be paddlers in canoes or rowers in flat boats; some will be standing upon boards. The gradual blossoming of the natural fields around us is pathetic fallacy reflective of our own growth and evolution in this entirely new environment. I never imagined 47 years ago when I led my Labrador puppy down Martin St S to the water’s edge three blocks from here that I would one day sit nearby overlooking the same river.

Wordsworth supported this use of personification based on emotion by claiming that “objects … derive their influence not from properties inherent in them . . . but from such as are bestowed upon them by the minds of those who are conversant with or affected by these objects”.

This afternoon the chap at the Genius Bar at the back of the Apple store in Bayshore mall who looked after (and perfected) the faulty “f” key cap on my MacBook Pro computer was tall and thin. His knotted shiny black hair in a small bun at the back of his head. He wore a pair of rimless gold coloured spectacles which were reminiscent of an academic.  He looked perspicuous. He very politely addressed us at the Genius Bar and instantly identified me and heard my complaint   When he returned about ten minutes later he reported that there was an obstruction of dirt or dust beneath the “f” key cap. He said he removed the cap, cleaned and examined the surroundings then replaced the cap correctly and securely.  He speculated that something had disturbed the cap though I couldn’t guess what.

One more wrinkle ironed out! On the return home we together rejoiced at our recent successes; viz., mine, the computer and His Lordship’s, the identification of the mystery noise source in the HVAC system of the apartment.  Mr. Jared Laginski of Inverness Homes dutifully answered our further and repeated plea to address the noise coming from the unit air conditioner.  This time he delved deep into the mechanism and located the problem; but not without significant application and assiduity. And this on the heels of he having arranged the attendance of Mark Thompson to fine tune the paint in the apartment. Both gentlemen are a credit to themselves and to their corporate image which I understand magnifies by the day (with new homes nearby and in Carleton Place already planned).

The aroma of the evening meal has begun to crowd the darkening atmosphere of our apartment on the river.  The declining western sun glazes along the blue surface of the river and across the hues and greenery of the fields. Already I am anxious to revisit the early morning vista with the rising sun! We have calculated that the upcoming weekend is free of obligation. Next week is however busy with no less than 5 medical appointments scheduled. The following week, the surgery – for us both!