Blustery day on Hilton Head Island

Lately we’ve been indulged day upon day with such fine weather that this morning I was unable to bemoan the cool air and the grey skies. I did however recover my gusto commensurately when I read that the wind today was almost directly from the east at 24 km/h which bodes well for hightailing it along the beach from Coligny Beach Park to Sea Pines Beach Club.  That is precisely what I ended doing after breakfast and dithering on my computer, unwittingly affording an adequate window for the high tide at 10:00 am to descend reasonably before launching the sailing adventure.

Parenthetically I observed the blossoming of flowers about the Island. I am not a gardener or a bird watcher but both matters percolated today by coincidence (I saw a tiny bluish coloured bird which animated my attention). I knew however that the real action today would be on the beach where the waves would be crashing.  And they were.  The wind was off-shore so powerfully that it succeeded to repel the advance of the waves lapping onto the shore.  The result was an uncommon residue of water upon the shore in the midst of the receding tide. There was as well a dearth of activity on the beach compared to recent congregations. Yet the water fountain at Coligny Beach Park was for the first time sprouting. The tempertures are expected to climb tomorrow so the preparation is not ill founded!

When I pushed off from Coligny Beach Park southwest towards Sea Pines Beach Club it was instantly apparent that it was to be an effortless ride.

By contrast I encountered one unfortunate woman walking her bicycle northeast bent against the wind and looking utterly despondent. I perhaps should have stopped to suggest she exit the beach at one of the Markers to shelter herself inland behind the foliage; but I was speeding too quickly for that formulation. As I withdrew from my starting point and left the boundary of Coligny Beach Park I was increasingly alone with the seagulls; but even the seagulls were hesitant to linger on the beach today.

The powerful wind in my hair had its enchanting influence. The colours on the beach though subtle were singular. It is a challenge in the circumstances to determine whether life’s fortuity comes from within or without. On reflection I cannot attribute my positivity to inner motivation alone. Hilton Head Island deserves a prize.  The debate of cause and effect is in this instance superfluous. Cogito ergo est!