Breakfast with the country doctor

To our pleasing astonishment my erstwhile physician turned up today at the golf club for breakfast with his son.  Only a week ago the two of them (and their respective ladies) had returned from a jaunt to northern Italy. The four of us assembled outdoors under an enormous umbrella on the flagstone patio overlooking the first tee and awaited arrival of our coffee. We quickly began a review of the highlights of their recent voyage which included my erstwhile physician’s daughter, her husband and their newborn daughter from Australia. In fairness my erstwhile physician and his family are all so well traveled that they speak of the Greek isles or the Swiss summits with but casual reflection. Nonetheless we together celebrated the latest of northern Italy’s topographical and nutritious splendours including truffles and a variety of tartare.

The sudden splash of rain upon the greens did nothing to dampen our morning gusto.  We merely moved closer to the clubhouse beneath the shelter of the overhanging roof where once again we ignited our collective confab. Each of us – some from having endured greater proximity than others – respected the thrust and importance of foregathering under any conditions. Time stops for no one. It bears repeating that the four of us have propelled this on-going exchange (or however else one may describe our communion with one another on this bleak Sunday morning) for many years which now includes the birth of both my erstwhile physician’s children and his first grandchild. We have naturally also been privy to the amorous and social alliances surrounding the immediate family compact. Indeed in a small way we count ourselves as part of the clan – though I am quick to acknowledge the ebullience and social spontaneity of all parties to the consortia with others. Nonetheless the plain truth of the matter is that today’s congregation represents an elemental fusion of the country doctor with the country lawyer, a singularity which I am disinclined to diminish for any reason. By further fortuity my erstwhile physician and I were both acquainted with my predecessor in the practice of law who retired at 82 years of age after having practiced law in the Town of Almonte for 54 years. In addition we both know the ancient lawyer’s son and family.

I reflected today as well upon my historic connections with the golf club including in particular the moment of my employment engagement over dinner in the former clubhouse (which later burned to the ground) and my subsequent legal representation of the club upon the acquisition of its 2nd nine holes.