Call of the loon

It is one of the more popular credits of dwelling as we do on a meadow by a river that on occasion (most commonly early in the morning) one hears the distinctive call of a loon, reminiscent of what in childhood we mistakenly thought to be the howl of a coyote. But the mournful cry has become the irrepressible identifier of the loon.

For most people, the call of the loon is their first introduction to the species. Loon calls have a distinct, haunting quality that has enchanted humans for centuries. In popular culture, these calls have become a symbol of the wilderness. Loons are most vocal from mid-May to mid-June. They have four main calls which they use to communicate with their families and other loons. Each call has a distinct meaning and serves a unique function.

Call of the Loon

My random encounter with the call of a loon was not however the only serendipity of today. Much to my initial discomfort this morning I unrepentantly plied myself from bed. Yesterday’s re-ignition of the 5 Km “route précise” for our regular cycling outings was not without its perils. In summary everything from my hips downward towards my feet ached. So obnoxious was the pain that no acceptable amount of analgesic appeared to work. Thankfully however I abandoned the lair and further improved myself by having a remarkably energetic breakfast (perhaps something to do with chocolate chip cookies).

It was not long thereafter that we engaged in another round of the route précise. This really made me feel the pain.  The most minor inclination requiring nothing more than the first gear was a challenge.  And the use of the higher gears is treacherous along the comparatively steep declines. Nonetheless I surmounted the dilemma.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent doing my routine purge at the car wash. The drive was as always magnificent. An odd event then occurred. While returning home I thought to stop at Equator coffee shop to survey their sweets counter. Upon arriving in the parking lot two young gentlemen passed. In unison they proclaimed their approval of my “wheels “.  It was from here a rapid leap into a discussion of the entire motor vehicle industry. It especially amuses me to account this tale because, like the call of the loon, I have many memories from youth which gleefully reacquaint me with the burning conversations surrounding the chat about cars. It was a prejudice I thought had been forsaken by the kids.