Canada Day July 1st 2024

The Western world is reportedly under siege.  The putative invaders are immigrants; the actual infection is myopia and panic. The excuse is protection of one’s religion or culture (itself an astonishingly limited dimension in view of the diversity of existing society and the indisputable adversity to the invasion of religion in the affairs of government). There is baseless suggestion that giving famished people food to eat and occasional hospital care will devastate the economy.

Politically the Western world (by which I mean those cultures primarily of democratic persuasion) are thought to be on the edge of deciding between conservatism and liberalism; or what in my opinion is more accurately denominated the choice of isolationism (nativism) or forward thinking. Even if there were a winning advantage to local custom as opposed to outside influences, the policy to remain static and apart is doomed. It is not unlike wishing to prevent development in one’s own backyard in an effort to protect or conceal oneself from inevitability. The error is the presumption that, one, things can go back to where they were; and, two, that no amount of change is required or useful.  Both are due for defeat logically and empirically. The inauthentic premise of retreat serves only to contaminate the inescapable possibility of enhancement. The mind of the constituent is locked in a fragile abuse of deduction. The surviving conjecture that any present condition should be jammed in immobility is a hideous display of arrogance by the promoter. The evolution of all species is governed not by pretentious obstruction but rather by inherent transition, all of which is ultimately directed predominantly to strengthen the taxonomy. It is a matter of instinct if for no other superlative analysis.

Latin species “a sight; outward appearance” had many extended senses, including “a spectacle; a mental appearance, an idea or notion;” also “semblance, pretext; manner, fashion; display, beauty; a likeness or statue; reputation, honor.”

This is not to say that while the unfolding is a thing of beauty, it is not by that estimate alone entirely free from definition. The growth will be modified by its nutrients and prevailing circumstances (though always with a view to the upgrade of its currency and ingredients). If we were inclined to surrender ourselves to this looming advantage of progression we would remove ourselves from the anxiety of change. If the object were one of corporate reinforcement, we would all benefit. Once again, to presume that we alone have within us the capital for this generic boost is preposterous.

But this is not a day to whine about fractious political differences. The most obvious reasons are the weather (and hopefully one’s health), the river view and the mounting cornstalks. I am unabashedly steadfast upon the present. By my calculation of the ideal, this is it! For example, not long after arising this morning I positioned myself on a balcony chair and listened to the birds chirping their isolated songs and messages.  They were remarkably repetitive. One in particular was a sharp treble whistle followed by a run of eight couplets of staccato percussion. I cannot fathom the import of the exercise. The chirping and the sound of a plane high above in the atmosphere were the only interruptions of the peaceful morning. My eyes were closed. The sunshine was warm. I drifted into reverie.

It is too time to acknowledge the fortuity of being a Canadian.  As I am certain I have often remarked my heritage is proudly Canadian. I have the singular bonus of dual provinciality; viz., Ontario (my place of residence) and Québec (my place of birth). Likewise my father and his family were of British descent; while my mother and her family were of French descent. I have always thought it a superb reward to have two languages to speak; and though I am by no means bilingual, I have a passing ability in French.

Last evening (and I believe the one prior to that) there were fireworks exploding in the sky further along the river where there is a long-standing riparian community. The festive spirit appears to have insinuated the entire local population.  Though the streets and roads were less busy than during the regular business week, the flavour of all whom I encountered upon my regular vehicular performance today was one of buoyancy. I fully expect that the favourability of the day will succeed to unhinge the afternoon and evening accordingly! We shall meanwhile relish our own oasis of refreshment with my erstwhile physician at his country seat.