Casual economics

Yesterday as we briefly chatted about the evolving and now inflamed subject of winter sojourning we touched lightly upon its distinguishing elements and predictable prospects for the future. Today at the golf club over breakfast we mused further upon these details. I won’t say we settled things with any degree of accuracy or precision. Winter travel is a weighty and complicated subject not to be outdone by bacon, eggs and pancakes. But we did at least exchange current opinions about whatever factors we suggest have a bearing upon the delicate and now moderately controversial subject of spending time and money away from home. In other words it was predominantly idle chatter more expressive of knee-jerk sentiment than of insightful wisdom or intelligence. Such indeed was the peculiar nature this morning of our breakfast colloquy with my erstwhle physician at the golf club overlooking the first tee.

Our precipitous (and may I say somewhat ignominious) ejection from Key Largo by Barefeet Rentals has thrown us into a perplexing mesh of communications with property owners and estate agents we would have preferred to have avoided. Instead we have suddenly been obliged to digest an entirely new rental scheme which seems already to have been overtaken by others more assiduous or resourceful than we.

It interests me in particular that we have reacted to this latest attenuation by rote; that is, we have mechanically embraced Hilton Head Island where our seasonal divestiture initially began. Too often I have proclaimed my unamended approbation of Hilton Head Island; but I repeat it now only to punctuate how closely it is aligned with the energy I have for our own hometown and nearby territory. I’m prepared to suggest that the most moot Freudian analysis of this touching matter reveals the ofttimes hidden ingredients which relate from beyond to within. As adventurous as we may style ourselves we are more apt than not to connect and relate to similar credentials wherever and howsoever they may communicate themselves. In a word, Hilton Head Island instills the feeling of going home; that is, the irreversible continuity of emotion and incitement.

Aside from this heady frippery, there was today a more telling ascendency on the global stock market. The admittedly vulgar subject arose summarily by the most abbreviated reference under the poolside umbrella earlier today. There was certainly no lapse into particularization of cash, equivalents, equity or fixed income but the overall improvement was willingly accepted. There have also been some causal additions; that is, deductive settlements which have unwittingly strengthened our position. And all this in addition to what is perhaps the greatest of the casual or causal benefits; namely, happiness and the health to enjoy it!

economics | ˌekəˈnämiks, ˌēkəˈnämiks | plural noun [often treated as singular] 1 the branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth. 2 the condition of a region or group as regards material prosperity: he is responsible for the island’s modest economics.

ORIGIN mid 16th century (denoting the science of household management): from economic + the plural suffix -s, originally on the pattern of Greek ta oikonomika (plural), the name of a treatise by Aristotle. Current senses date from the mid 18th century.