Cherish the moment

Whenever I set my alarm for early awakening – as I did last evening for five o’clock this morning in anticipation of my appointment at the car dealership in the city – it translates into a sleepless night and I end clawing my way out from under the sheets as much as an hour before the scheduled arousal. This particular rendezvous had at least the advantage of being an anticipated improvement – the addition of a missing decal to the front quarter-panel. Though the elevation was purely restorative it happily signalled the last of a series of steps lately undergone to perfect the mechanics and other features of my new vehicle. Essentially after two months of repeated attention to this and that I was finally afforded deliverance from endless anxiety.

This most recent remedial work by the dealership allowed me this afternoon to punctuate with equanimity my background absorption in what I am certain would be characterized by most as utter trivia. The launch from Almonte to Stittsville and subsequently Arnprior, Burnstown, White Lake, Waba, Pakenham then home was cheered by the welcome summary of wheels, body, windows, engine, alignment and cosmetics. I say “launch” because the Aviator succeeds to rise to the noble height of flight by virtue of its unparalleled performance and similarity to soaring and gliding.

Saturation of any order – whether gastronomic, materialistic, religious or even amorous – indisputably runs the risk of becoming either tedious or burdensome. For those of us consumed by the pettiness of our exploits we nonetheless value the opportunity to settle and recapitulate. When at last the activity surrounding our daily enterprise admits to complacent analysis the relief is palpable!

I make no apology for this persuasion. By an odd comparison the currency of my limited indulgences reflects the erstwhile extravagances of my past. Certainly the prolific quality of the past has been substituted by a modern restraint. Sadly perhaps the collateral of simplification is narrowness of thought. I would not however forgo this privilege of old age to surround myself with my favourite things and endearing moments. If I can’t drink the distilled condensation I can at least render a poetic alternative! The automobile for example approaches the magnetism of a complicated mechanical watch.