Consumed by reality

If this is reality, I’ll have a double with each of the two recommended sides and an Xtra-large to go!  Please.  And thank-you! At no point in my prolonged existence (now approaching three-quarters of a century) have I once anticipated seeing the world quite from this advantageous point of view. Of course I may have had images in mind, favourable estimates or predominantly psychological renditions of reality contaminated by a lot of bumpf about how to live the perfect life, observing the ritual religious imperatives and wearing the proper clothes. Seemingly we adapt to reality not so much by proving its illustration as by achieving its commonplace simplicity. The reduction of necessity to answerable equations is most certainly part of the requisite formula, just as it is axiomatic that one cannot have money and things without balance.

It would be both logically inappropriate and socially futile of me to lapse into a pretence of the exhibition of balance in life. If I were popularly known for anything, balance is probably the least of them.  I do however appreciate its worth. But again I am overtaken even in this small enterprise