Day Whatever!

This pandemic business of quarantining, self-isolation, social distancing, face masks, disposable gloves and closed retail and professional services is wearing upon me! It may appear that in the context of my admittedly repetitive and diluted agenda nothing much has changed. This is incorrect. I miss going to Neat Café for a “normal” coffee experience – that is, other than bending into a keyhole to order and then the acrobatics of exchanging product for payment. The rest room is closed to the public, not exactly an endearing feature for those of us who travel a distance to get there. The outdoor seating arrangements – aside from suffering the whim of the weather – are technically illegal. The prospect of planning a Sunday brunch with friends is completely off the map.

Within the limited scope of my daily entertainment coffee shops figure rather more prominently than I had thought.  There is another place (I believe it’s a “Starbucks“) in Bells Corners near my car wash where I enjoy getting a replenishing triple-shot espresso while connecting to WiFi to update my email. Then there’s Katarina’s Coffee Shop in Prescott where we’ve happily lingered on a balmy summer day for coffee and homemade sweets.

Further along the St. Lawrence Seaway is the Ivy Lea Club which is still closed except for “take out” service.  This is a place which affords a combination of get food and service, social gathering and lovely riparian views. Small wonder I feel so denied my erstwhile pleasures.