political activity or practices that seek support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people rather than by using rational argument.

“the demagoguery of political opportunists”

Opposite of a person who intentionally instigates or incites trouble or mischief. peacemaker. placater. conciliator. pacifist.

Listening to one’s constituents, to their complaints and desires, is without question an obligation of an elected politician. But like it or not, politicians have a broader duty and expectation; namely, to consider and act upon (when necessary) alternative more improving dialogue. This is the ingredient which distinguishes a politician from a statesman. And it requires more than an inductive leap to reach that higher wrung of the ladder.

Unfortunately some politicians are of such vacuous consistency that they must stand on others in order to make themselves higher. Very often the people whom they ridicule are more worthy of approbation than the mercenary activist. Similarly the demagogue seldom has little interest in the expressed needs of his collaborators beyond personal gain. Make no mistake, there’s nothing attractive about you to a demagogue other than what he can get from you.

Whether the exponent is Hitler, McCarthy or Trump they are curiously aligned with an interest more compelling than dislike of immigrants, people of colour or Jews. What propels the political channels is indeed very far removed from the so-called desires and prejudices of ordinary people. Trump for example is unmistakably governed by financial interests far exceeding any popular accreditation. Indeed it is my speculation that this American demagogue is merely a puppet of untold financial interests extending vastly beyond his scope, knowledge or comprehension. His patent lack of intellect and reasoning power is useful only to his manipulators as a ring master in the circus of his comportment.

It is this secretive, driving ambition which preserves the current Republican Party. In light of all that has been published about the disgraced former president’s tantrums and goaded illegality, the sycophants (Hawley, Cruz, Jordan, Graham) remain noticeably silent and removed from the current conversation though not long ago they were all in for Trump and his scandalous lies. These pusillanimous cretins are merely illustrative of the more profound and devious operatives who like silverfish crawl amid the foundation in the dark.

It is however a huge obstacle to overcome the complacency of Americans (or, to be fair, any other nation). We all get settled in our old ways (religious or ethnic) as they historically have been. What makes the present circumstance so threatening is that a change of direction has been mobilized; and it is supported by undeniable alteration of thought and exchange. The oft cited approach of civil war in the United States of America is no joke. While the ruling white magnates presume they have the wherewithal and plebeian support to handle a confrontation, the simple fact is that whites will soon be outnumbered if not already surpassed.

My paramount observation is that the dilution of the American melting pot will continue to predict a forceful and desirable society. It’s nothing more than rational argument which in my opinion will incite improvement and discovery. Eventually self-interest will bend to the more productive model.

The general found himself merely the president of a congress of petty kings. He was perpetually called upon to hear and to compose disputes about pedigrees, about precedence, about the division of spoil.

Excerpt From
Thomas Babington Macaulay
“The History of England, from the Accession of James II — Volume 3.