Dissolution and Distillation

Dissolution and distillation – melting and filtering – the natural processes of aging and maturing. The unfolding like anything directed to decomposition and purification is as though by hidden imperative limited and refined in its ultimate expression. Basically, we discover unwittingly the truth of the sometimes disturbing adage that, “Less is more!” All that we’ve been given or allotted by any measure, privilege, entitlement or projection is systematically reduced to a whisper of its former colloquial. The liquefaction and condensation are not however mere cessation and extraction. There is inherent in the proceedings an uncanny impeccability; a voyage to a universe once unimaginable to us. After all, how could we have envisioned it?

I don’t fancy a child instinctively views its past, its history, its inheritance, its vernacular or perhaps even its future as something that was meant to be. This appears from my brief consideration of the matter to be a reservation especially apt to those whom one would suppose to be intelligent and independent, not mere puppets or products of whatever regime they currently inhabit. And yet the suspension and fractionation is of universal and indiscriminate application. The extreme version is, “Ashes to ashes, etc.”, a difficult conclusion to escape by any analysis. ┬áSeemingly in preparation for that earthy moment we prepare ourselves accordingly, oddly a prediction cited in Masonic ritual, “Nature teaches us how to die“.

A preliminary episode today was exceptionally pleasant. The undulating highway rolled smooth and clear. A meandering tributary of the Mississippi River flowed wide and clear. The billowing sky hung blue and clear.

But the most extraordinary feature was the sudden disappearance of frightful humidity and its instant replacement with wafting air soft and clear. The 33 degrees practically disappeared! Such in a word is the emergency of living – to enjoy the ride!