We had a record outing this morning.  Up at six o’clock sharp.  Seated at table at Palmetto Bay Sunrise Café around 7:00 am. Consumption of avocado toast (each of us), shrimp and spinach Benedict (for His Lordship) and protein combination of eggs, bacon, sausage and cheese (for me) accomplished before eight o’clock. Then groceries and back home shortly after 9:00 am! Whew!  Oh, and a car wash too!

Not long afterwards we tarried at the apartment but soon lingered for a moment together amidst the swinging benches at Tower Beach before heading our separate ways within and without the blazing sunshine.

Why is it that one day the anatomy rebels (as mine did yesterday) and another day it inexplicably abandons the insurrection? I won’t say I exactly hightailed it along the beach mid-morning today but most certainly the gauge was in the direction of fair weather.

Yet I was fatigued by the morning’s activity.  Though I speculated about a repeat performance of yesterday’s swim in the ocean, it was a mere concept without substance. I succumbed instead to the soft white sand beside an ideally inclined dune.

The tourist activity appears to have lulled after the celebrations on President’s Day. I have yet to see a crowd of young people as I anticipate for the so-called “March Break”.  I imagined that with the loosening of the COVID restrictions people may have opted instead for destinations abroad.

Meanwhile I amuse myself to fiddle with on-line retail, the notable advantage of which is that one needn’t rely upon a third-party retailer to carry the desired product.  On-line shopping is for me the answer to my mobility problems.  And if the truth be told my retail inventiveness has entirely expired.  I know exactly what works and paramountly the recipes are the same – relaxed, simple and white – for whatever I need.  I now know I can secure a repeat of whatever worked in the past anywhere in the world. It doesn’t make for an unparalleled sartorial exhibition but it overcomes debate.