Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

In my admittedly narrow existence there are two products which routinely prompt annoying dilemmas – computers and cars. The computer issues are usually resolved after several days or a week by the “techies” who in some instances are drawn from the retailer or at other times imported from the company directly. The car issues are managed less happily.  A car complaint normally begins with the dealership (mechanics). If however it cannot be resolved it “escalates” to the manufacturer. Invariably the manufacturer doesn’t acknowledge the “lemon laws” even if unable to cure the defect. I am sadly engaged in yet another vehicular complaint with Lincoln Motor Company regarding my now regrettable purchase on April 13th last of a 2020 Lincoln Aviator from Lincoln Heights Ford (Dealer Principal: Les Bell; General Manager: David Cameron) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Paying cash for a new car is equivalent to setting oneself adrift at sea.  Once you have taken possession of your new vehicle any problems with the car are yours and yours alone! Below is a photo taken recently showing the contaminated drips from under my new vehicle.  Both the dealer and Lincoln Motor Company have to date advanced the view that condensation drips are normal – though I am uncertain whether they consider carbon-coloured residue normal.

Even if the drips were normal I despise that my erstwhile indolence has now the yoke of daily employment as a stable boy to remove the smut of the car. I have naturally expressed my opinion to the dealership that there is nothing normal about the stuff. I take considerable authority from the longevity of car ownership because I can’t imagine a more perfect source of an investigation than a regular driver.