Drifting sideways

The news last evening that India is undergoing another catastrophic and exceedingly deadly wave of the COVID virus or some variation of it was singularly disheartening. The universality of this disease is as plain as a pikestaff. Equally inescapable is the effect of remote contamination upon our own boundaries. No longer is this pandemic a mere interruption. It is now seen as Nature’s cleansing of the globe; a violent and volatile uncertainty.

Meanwhile we’re frozen like statues in an eclipse of obscurity. What little activity we’re allowed is increasingly mechanical, repetitive and dreary. The poisoning of the global economy is as hard a fact as any other; nor is it esoteric to confront these massive issues. The underlying community of reason and despair are universal.

For those of us who have so far side stepped this modern plague the future is daily reducing to elemental features. The lingering prospect of reigniting one’s erstwhile agenda is becoming increasingly ominous. Vaccination may or may not be the answer. It yet remains one of the overpowering question marks all the more so because it isn’t available everywhere.

The popular perception of government has been radically altered. The very survival of one’s family, friends and business interests is at stake.  We rely upon those with astonishing credentials and politicians with tact and talent to initiate rapid and immediate change. Governing the pandemic has become an ambition similar to defeating an enemy at war; our national resources are being infiltrated with uncommon dedication and purpose. The bee hive is under attack and threat!