End of Day

This evening we abandoned our custom of sitting on the balcony after dinner to chat and idly gaze upriver. This afternoon’s weather turbulence wrought by the precipitous shift to cooler temperatures upon the retreat of the heat wave had left the patio chairs and floor beneath damp and uninviting. Instead we turned off the A/C and opened the balcony door while positioning ourselves in the small adjacent drawing room overlooking the distant fields and river. It was a moderate accommodation having the advantage of no bugs (which we only ever discover when too late).

An agreeable complacency overtook our domestic assembly spirited not incongruously by Beegie Adair’s performance of “In a Sentimental Mood”.  In addition our collective state of wellbeing followed a very convincing fish soup, sprouted bread and compôte. For me it was the epitome of nutritional balance constituting as well a thankful recovery from last evening’s shameless indulgence in donuts. How I detest having to extricate myself from these intermittent relapses of passion and self-gratification! What more persuasion do I require? Alas it is a rebound with its own reward, repetitive as it is.

For my part I am further indebted for my particular euphoria this evening to my erstwhile physician. We had earlier congregated this afternoon at his country estate for an inexpressibly relieving swim upon his return from Greece. The swim – and our associated winding conference – was amusingly conducted during a torrential rainstorm as the rain fell directly down unhindered by any gusts. It afforded an uncommonly unique experience, one which succeeded to punctuate the relative novelty of arresting my companion between his frequent sojourns across the globe.

As a new day and the weekend approaches I am thus invigorated for further trifling ambitions. Settling for the inconsequential favour of a good meal and the inspiring companionship of friends is not to be discounted.