End of day

Contrary to my expectation the sometimes complicated exposition of daily living has fortuitously settled like the wings of a dove upon the unwitting panorama of my life. The contamination seems to have been overruled! At the same time I appear to have preserved some rationality. But there is no need to dilute this enquiry. So clarified is the air abounding that my vision is afforded extension, precision, artistry and colour. These are I know broad commendations. What isn’t so easily put to rest however is my lingering anxiety. The perpetual regret of anyone living a dream is that one day they’ll wake up!

Materialism is, if properly addressed, both intellectual and static. We all know how dynamic one can become about one’s favourite stuff! Yet there is an emotional and psychological benefit which derives from that prescription. What I have done is “downsize” the material stuff. Trust me, at my age there are things one doesn’t require. It is also true that having fewer things to think of is good. There really is only so much time! One must learn to stop to look at nature as the other half of living. Nature’s bounty is remarkable!

Convincing people has never been an easy thing.  And there is no assurance that the most professional photographer will do otherwise.  I shall therefore limit myself to the written word to capture what is indeed the ineffable reward of Nature.

The sky is every mixture of blue; the clouds are mountains of white with a base of grey; the river is dark blue with ripples no doubt from the wind from the south; the fields are lush and green; and the distant farmhouse completes the idyllic picture. The view is beyond words!