Fire alarm

A firm alarm is never a welcome interruption (except I suppose when there really is a fire). A fire alarm is especially offensive in the middle of the night when one is sleeping. This morning for example we were unexpectedly awakened at 4:45 AM by a fire alarm. Earlier in the evening while dining at table we had endured a similar impetuous fire alarm. There was fortunately no readily apparent reason for the fire alarm on either occasion, either inside or outside the apartment in the hallway.  We have three fire detectors each of which has its own voice warning of “FIre Alarm” in addition to a screeching sound. When one device gets going, the others follow suit similarly (though thankfully not in unison). I suspect the customary early morning tranquillity enhanced today’s irritation.

The good news is this:  We notified the property manager Kim Matthew who, within moments after the start of the business day, had notified the electrician to attend our apartment to replace the existing fire detectors. Before having heard from Kim we had also sent a note to Jared Laginski who is our front contact for Inverness Homes.  He too responded, informing us he was currently out of the office on holiday (but that he would contact Kim on our behalf). I mention these passing details because they capture the proximity, elasticity and speed of the people who oversee Riverfront Apartments where we live. I cling with a degree of interest to this model of residence; namely, luxury apartments (or what they label on their website as “Premium Apartments”). There is no question these units are by different standards “not for everyone”.

The demographic switch of old fogeys to the current retail and real estate vernacular has, to my understanding, prompted two different standards.  There are apparently those who, after selling their house to “downsize”, continue to insist upon the fiction of estate ownership.  So they end getting a condominium rather than an apartment in a building. To me it’s a distinction without a difference. What is different however is the management of the property.  That’s where Kim Matthew at Tulip Property Management and Jared Laginski on behalf of Inverness Homes distinguish themselves. For those who haven’t the energy to sustain property management either as a landlord or as an owner, the choice is clear. One final word: Steve of Beck Electric arrived very promptly this morning.  He tried all the old devices then removed them and replaced them with new ones. He was confident, diligent, polite and professional.

And yes, I am caught by these worthy credits to others because I am noticing more and more of it lately. Magically today as I began putting the car through the wash at Halo Car Wash® in Sittsville the entire troupe of staff suddenly appeared in the office window, looking at me, grinning with their thumbs up! They are not only a credit to themselves for their gusto but also a credit to their employer for their support of the business. They most certainly take the word ordinary out of car wash! Once again, I dwell on this because it is a theme which I have noticed throughout this particular business from the moment I first was within the territory.

By way of dénouement permit me only to observe that the setting sun is glistening upon the river. The cumulonimbi are now nearing the horizon, performing their magical billowy constructions, shifting from pure white to grey and blue, flat and mountainous. Meanwhile I am swaying to the sound of Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini Op. 43: Variation XVII (Andante cantabile, a tempo vivace), Cécile Ousset, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, and Sir Simon Rattle.