Get go with gusto!

Typically of newly arrived beachside interlopers we attacked our first unobstructed day on the Island with perishing gusto! It was shortly after nine o’clock this morning that our keenness for the sunshine and balmy salt sea air trumped all other agenda and propelled us gleefully onto our rented, single-gear bicycles with balloon tires.  Within moments of issuing from the winding drive of our resort we were languidly cruising the bicycle paths under the cavern of live oaks, sea pines, palmetto palms and Spanish moss. We regaled in our undeniable fortune in this seaside Valhalla.  The tide would not recede until about 1:00 p.m. so we conceded there was no point attempting to career the beach.  Instead we stuck to the paths and directed ourselves parallel the Ocean on William Hilton Parkway to Burke’s Beach Road. There the trajectory bifurcated to accommodate our respective pursuits.  For my part I unhesitatingly capitulated to my maritime lust and headed directly to the Ocean.  But when I arrived there it was shy of 11:15 a.m. and the tide was yet thundering upon the beach, extending almost to the dunes.  Meanwhile I succumbed to the drain of physical activity. I pretended to ruminate upon the view. But I lay against the dunes and dozed momentarily in the soporific sunshine.


I then retraced my way through Singleton Shores Manor to the Parkway and toddled to Coligny Beach Park.  Here again I was disappointed by the high tide though I attempted to cycle on the narrow ribbon of dry beach. I was however soon forced to abandon the project, just too mushy. So I exited at the next convenient beach access and regained the path on South Forest Beach Road into Sea Pines. By this time I was “feeling it” plus I was exceedingly hungry, having eaten only blackberries at breakfast.  My backside was numb and I was tired of having to sit upright for a prolonged time. At 67 years of age I feel neither apologetic nor defeated, just sore. It was by then about 1:30 p.m., four hours after we had begun. Our innocent enthusiasm had provoked us to stretch our limitation.


It would be another three hours before we succeeded to collect the necessary provisions and to prepare our evening meal. But when at last we put on the nosebag the lethargic effect of the healthful meal immediately insinuated our bedraggled bodies.  Were it not for the robust espresso coffee I might already have retired for the evening.  Time now for digestive recovery.  The patio door is wide open and we can hear the tinny sound of the rain on the balcony railings.  The fog and rain are welcome after today’s extensive ride and we have already united in our decision to “take the day off” tomorrow as though it were a calculated design!