Getting Cozy

It isn’t often I feel a chill.  After yesterday’s uncommonly warm temperatures and brilliant sunshine I was perhaps unprepared for today’s cooler air and overcast sky.  Our cycle “out” today was against the wind from Beach Club at Marker 38 to Marker 66 not far past Coligny Park.  Neither of us had the strength or enthusiasm to go to Sonesta Beach at Marker 72 as we had initially proposed much less to Singleton Beach at Marker 97 where we customarily go.  We excused our lassitude by recounting that yesterday we had spent at least four hours cycling, half of which was against a smart Ocean breeze. Thus we reasoned a break was deserved.  We paused briefly at Maker 66 in the middle of the length of the beach.  Then we turned back. Of course the ride home along the beach was much less of an effort, having as we did the benefit of the wind at our backs.  On our return however the clouds had moved in and we no longer had even the modest warmth of the sun we had earlier had when we began our trek before noon.  Previously at South Beach I had doffed my socks but I as the grey clouds descended I contemplated putting them on again.

Once back at the house (and my socks replaced), aside from taking my second daily hit of Celebrex for my arthritis, I plopped onto the large leather chair with F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Beautiful and the Damned” only to discover a creeping frostiness about me.  Not long afterwards I relinquished my stamina and submitted to the signals. I tripped upstairs and replaced my flimsy synthetic cycling shorts for a warmer pair of sweat pants.  Then I buried myself under the thick covers of my bed in an attempt to warm myself up.  I would no doubt still be there, luxuriating in the coziness of my bed with its “feather bed” feature, had not the telephone rung.  It was my sister calling from home.  We shared all the news we had including the gossip about who is going where and for how long and with whom.

Meanwhile we’ve cranked up the heat of the furnace and slowly the erstwhile chill of my body is melting.  The weather report prediction is significant rain for the next two days.  It looks as though we’ll be able to recuperate in warmth without offending our conscience.