Ginger mint, Carrot Face and USBs

Shaye Moss and her mom Ruby Freeman had their lives turned upside down when then-President Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani singled them out in an increasingly unhinged effort to overturn the election. Giuliani accused the two election workers from Fulton County, Georgia, of pulling out suitcases of fake votes and passing a suspicious USB stick to each other while counting election results. But the “USB stick”—which Giuliani later suggested might be dope—was a ginger mint, Moss told the January 6 committee in stunning, emotional testimony Tuesday.

Trump, former one-time, twice impeached president of the United States of America took a precipitous plunge today for the entire world to witness. His disgraceful exposure was far more acute than he or his surreptitious mob could have envisioned. It is simple reckoning not by clever deceit that maniacs are toppled.

For someone like Trump so shamelessly devoted to revenge the descent must have been a stinging reversal of confrontation. He has interminably fastened about his swollen girdle the lock of anarchism, autocracy and criminality. Not to mention the utter pusillanimity of himself and his drunken, unscrupulous and mercenary parasites.

The public foray now turns to the members of the Republican Party who protest their allegiance to public well-being and the American flag. Likely they will pretend to distance themselves from the evidence while seeking to preserve the votes of the much-touted “base”. This ignorance  is not the answer. It only shelters the fiction. And unnecessarily preserves the sharp distance between alternate agenda.

Lies and graft are nothing new in politics or the world. Yet the universal disgust of Trump’s repeated distortion makes his legitimacy highly distasteful. His indisputable disregard of his many advisors only further discredits his actions. He has long ago surpassed any question of knowledge or intent. Between the limits of Mike pence and Shaye Moss he has proven who matters to him.