Goin’ for a coffee!

I am never assured to reach Jill on her telephone. Admittedly it is an accommodation to which I am slow to adjust. The resistence is part of my inveterate intransigence no doubt. If I am to believe her repeated excuses when she calls back after having seen my telephone number on her device (“I couldn’t get to the ‘phone in time!“) then it is purely a matter of serendipity whether or not we engage in an afternoon excursion together. Understandably she has not responded favourably to my invitation to call me anytime she were in the mood for diversion. Little girls from the Kingsway are reluctant to disrupt strict social priorities.

The Kingsway is a residential neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is bounded by Bloor Street to the south, Dundas Street to the north, the Mimico Creek to the west and the Humber River to the east. The neighbourhood was officially known as Kingsway Park, which later became replaced by its nickname, The Kingsway.

Today however was one of those occasions on which our chance encounter unfolded as one might wish. She did in fact call back (after I rang off but left no message).  I was then on my bicycle traveling along Spring Street adjacent the Mississippi River completing today’s ritual purge of 4.76 Km.  Within a hour we had reunited.

However before I stationed myself at Jill’s front door on the Island where she lives, I took a tour around the entire Island to refresh my memory.  The place has changed.  And for the better.  Not that I ever imagined there was a necessity for improvement; but the new modern dwellings suit the environment perfectly. The Island has forever been a source of architectural and natural beauty being as it is the home of Rosamond Woollen Mill and associated historical structures which have now been converted to domestic and business purposes. Surrounding the Island are picturesque waterfalls and dams. The singular character of the Island is inexpressible, particularly enhanced by the Promenade on the northern boundary of the Island along the Mississippi River. This venue has until recently been a secret.  Re-visiting the Island today from top to bottom re-ignited very favourable memories from the past, including social gatherings with Mr. Justice JKH and his wife Louise, Ms. Edith C-R (publisher of our local newspaper), other local neighbours like Neil and Mary R and of course over thirty years of varied activity with Jill at her exceedingly charmng place.

After we accomplished our usual route from here to there and back, we settled upon Hummingbird Choclate Factory & Café for our restorative and sweet. Their baker is still on holiday so there were none of those incredible cookies of his available.  We settled instead for the orange rinds dipped in chocolate, a tolerable alternative.

Hummingbird Chocolate Factory & Café

The frosting on the cake of the day’s activity was returning home to embrace the customary late afternoon indulgences and artistic expression together with my partner-in-crime. We have positioned ourselves for any evening of rudimentary domestic chores. The setting sun is augmented by the punters on the river.