Halo Car Wash®, Stittsville, Ontario

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It is seldom if ever that I have responded to an invitation by a retailer to promote its product for free benefits. This however is an exception. Not because I want free benefits but because I adore the product. I am hugely impressed with the retailer in this instance. Quite frankly I willingly and heartily embrace the chance to speak endearingly of it.

As a retired lawyer I have spent a lifetime involved with business and the people behind it. Little stimulates me more agreeably than the recognition of quality and value. I propose to offer here my personal opinion regarding Halo Car Wash®.  I warn you now, it is a highly favourable one.

The presumption upon which I so patently lay my particular entitlement to speak glowingly of Halo Car Wash® is that I have (as every one of my close friends will unhesitatingly confirm) shamelessly washed my car every day (in an automatic car wash) for as long as I can remember. Back at least to 1975 when I acquired my first automobile (a Mustang) at age 27.  Since then I have had more new automobiles than I can accurately recall. I like cars. And I like cars that are clean.

First might I say that it was mere curiosity which initially compelled me to make inquiries at the newly constructed Halo Car Wash®. But what fortuity!  If for example I had superciliously fashioned that there were nothing new in car washes, I could not have been more incorrect. But I shall leave the mechanical bravado (which I fully endorse) to the website. What I can tell you as well is that the comportment of the employees was universally commendable. They were welcoming, cheerful, precise and helpful.  And because I have been back every day (and once twice on the same day  –  another occasionally helpful feature), I can further affirm that their buoyancy is not cosmetic.  As evidence I have spoken with a number of employees all of whom applaud the business and their employer. This is no small compliment! And it was one of those employees (Patrick) who proudly informed me that the owner of the wash is Canadian.

In summary my number one notation is that the clean from Halo Car Wash® is nonpareil. It would be mere surplusage to say anything further.  Except of course to observe that the staff are equally worthy of praise!

Halo Car Wash®
6111 Hazeldean Road
Stittsville, ON | K2S 1B9

Monday to Saturday: 7 am – 8 pm
Sunday: 8 am – 7 pm

Halo Car Wash