“I am ruined!”

“I am ruined!” Those were my exact words late this afternoon as I languished in a sensible deck chair on the patio under a large umbrella at Katarina’s Coffee Shop, 513 King St W, Prescott, Ontario. The St. Lawrence River murmured but yards away; children frolicked in the water to escape the raging heat and humidity of the day. I had just gulped a spoonful of Affogato coffee followed by a nibble of a Double Baked Chocolate Croissant.

We bake the croissants, soak them in a rum flavoured simple syrup and then bake them again before topping with sugar! Same great buttery taste of a regular croissant, but now sugary sweet.

Members of Prescott Council and the business community welcomed Katarina’s Coffee Shop new business owner Nicole Hudson to Downtown Prescott on July 17, 2020.  Located at 513 King St. W, Katarina’s Coffee Shop serves a delicious array of pre-made lunch & dinner items, desserts, specialty hot and cold beverages and amazing ice cream!

Katarina’s Coffee Shop

If you haven’t yet introduced yourself to the extravagance of an Affogato, you must! It is the latest of my personal indulgences. The tastiness is indescribable.

“Two scoops of Kawartha Dairy ice cream with a shot of espresso. Great in the traditional way with French Vanilla ice cream but why not be adventurous and try some other flavours?

Where have I been!  How could this Sacrament have escaped my notice! The intemperance is worth every penny. If you subscribe to the general notion that you get what you pay for, this proves it so! The ascent from Drip Coffee to Roast of the Week to Espresso to Macchiato to Cappuccino to Tiramisu Latte to Affogato is an experience nonpareil.