The word candid is connected with the word white (implying innocence and freedom from malice). In the context of the etymology of candescence it has more to do with the heat from which it derives than the light it emits. In the literary setting the import is strong emotion and passion. In the artistic milieu it is pronounced gemstone colours.

candescent is glowing with heat; white-hot, while incandescent is emitting light as a result of being heated

As much as I like black and white, I’m a sucker for colour. This afternoon after my return home from a cracking though uneventful tour to Stittsville to have the car washed (and to collect some cash from the Bank of Montreal automatic teller) I undertook what has to be – apart from brushing my teeth and bathing – the first bit of domestic activity in the past six months (during my incremental immobility). Upon modest reflection it is evident that I have long endured a state of helplessness, confining my mobile contribution to walking to the car then back (or sitting on my tricycle for a moderate distance). Anything else involving physical activity and domestic participation (things like setting the table, making dinner, serving coffee, taking out the garbage, checking the mail, laundry, making the bed or folding the clothes) has been shamefully disregarded and unheeded by me. Mine is a state of wilful and disconsolate submission!

Nor is it any relief to confess the source of my awakening domestic revival is jewellery. Would that it had been some greater household insight or attention!  This ignition of incandescence derives uniquely from sterling silver .925 not gold 18K. Even platinum, as rich and substantive as it is, does not in my opinion fully compete with the lustre and depth of 18K gold. What has repositioned me in this particular absorption is my reclamation of numerous items which last year I had tendered to Matt Dixon of Dixon Jewellers (Ottawa) on consignment. At my request he recently sent them all back to me, unsold naturally.  And, I might add, in a state of professional ignorance.  I doubt the items had been cleaned whatsoever during their one-year absence. This only further enhances my alarm that the items had not evaporated on consignment.

Normally I would not have disturbed myself to any extent in similar circumstances.  What changed my focus was that recently I removed all my gold jewellery (signet and pinky ring, necklace) in anticipation of my upcoming knee surgery. I wasn’t long surviving without some tinsel. When storing my recently reclaimed silver jewellery I had noticed it was tarnished.  Today, after the completion of a succession of days applied to numerous exigencies, was the opportunity to correct that particular failing. I threw in as well the sterling silver decanter tags (Port and Sherry).  And a small bronze sailing device for locking.

The weather is fine.  I’m in bed by nine.