It’s getting greener!

Our instinctive unanimity (that native harmony that presumably propels us) reveals itself in the oddest manner of expression! Of one accord this morning we cut short our bicycle ride.  It was cloudy, chilly and we hadn’t the energy to surmount the obstacles. His Lordship retired to his study to observe self-isolation. Not surprisingly I contented myself instead to go for a long drive into the southern hinterland approaching the St. Lawrence River. There are times like today when even the fulfillment of my obsessions does little to stimulate my gusto. Perhaps that was the advantage of working for a living – namely, that you’re so preoccupied with handling other people’s stuff that by the time you get to your own it is uplifting for that reason alone.  I’m guessing.  Alternatively maybe today was so unusually free of corruption of any level that it made the purity of what flowed less noticeable. I did however remark with glee that the grass – especially when bordering remnant collections of water in the fields – is getting surprisingly green. The colour resembled a neon verdancy – a glistening emerald.

It was late in the afternoon when the sky began to clear. The blue horizon swarmed with white fluffy clouds.