Jupiter Beach

The Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa is unique in a number of ways. Foremost it is a boutique venue. It is likewise located in a small, lesser known community  of Florida, below Daytona Beach and above Fort Lauderdale. When I met a former employee of the Resort today (she was visiting for old times sake) she told me the Resort was the only one located directly on the beach in this area.

Though the resort has a friendly, intimate nature and a correspondingly relaxed and casual atmosphere, there is a very pleasing old-world feel to the place and a degree of sophistication without a crust of formality. I am informed that the hotel was built about 40 years ago, either a Howard Johnson or Holiday Inn, and is now owned by the Opal Collection. The historic nature of the hotel is immediately noticeable in such features as the wooden interiors of the creaking elevators, the massive high wooden doors and windows throughout and the exposed wooden ceiling beams in the suites and great rooms. Like many of these historic spaces it abounds in sepia photographs of sailing yachts and nautical icons. Everywhere are large, sturdy furnishings reflecting the assurance of the enclave. The soundproofing of the rooms is testament to the superior quality of construction typical of a  bygone era.  Like most of these beachfront resorts it has a pool and hot tub, both well maintained .

As an inveterate swimmer and worshipper of all things Neptune my especial fascination is the beach. Because of the secluded character of the resort the beach has a private sense to it. There is a kiosk from which the hotel staff dispenses beach towels, chaises longues and umbrellas. The smallness of the hotel precludes the beach being uncomfortably crowded. The beach has an allure distinct from the larger, more common Florida coastal beaches. While it does not lend itself to bicycling (nor is it wide enough conveniently to accommodate both sunbathers and cyclists and certainly not cars) it promotes sunbathing, walking on the shore and of course swimming. The strong surf guarantees a frolic in the Ocean. The water is gorgeous shades of aquamarine and jade off-set by the white crests and regular phalanxes of churning breakers which spread their foam over large patches of the sea. The water is remarkably clear permitting an underwater view for a reasonable distance; and the salt water affords incomparable buoyancy and healthfulness.