Just one of those days!

Because it isn’t every day that one can so eagerly proclaim life’s serendipity I rather thought it felicitous to do so on this occasion. I have to tell you, it was with more than a little smugness this morning that we withdrew from the Service Ontario counter, by-passing with appropriate complacency those who had meanwhile gathered in line behind us, having accomplished an unwittingly speedy amendment of the documentation relating to our driver’s licence and health card. By unaccustomed luck when we arrived there mid-morning only one person was ahead of us and he was speedily addressed, leaving it to us and to us alone to complete our appointed tasks.  As I say however by the time my photograph had been taken and the documentation obsequiously signed, a fairly lengthy group had gathered behind us awaiting their turn. Their impatient demeanour I might add was positively mournful in comparison to our own skip-and-a-jump as we bounded au dehors!

And if that providence were not enough, we then proceeded to the IDA pharmacy – which by further utter fortuity (I am not making this up) was located immediately next door – to submit my surgeon’s prescription for compression stockings related to the upcoming left knee replacement.  The clerk directed us to a quiet corner where another individual took the prescription and proceeded without a moment’s hesitation to gather the appropriate items for delivery to me.  A Shakespearean theatre drama could not have been enacted more expertly! Once again we thereafter gleefully expelled ourselves from the establishment and headed to the golf course for a gratifying luncheon on the patio. All the while, like mischievous prep school boys, complimenting ourselves upon a thoroughly deft sequence of events as though our own design had anything whatever to do with the happy chance!

It is almost with embarrassment that I continue to relate what subsequently ensued.  Not that there was anything especially noteworthy; other, that is, than the complete and synthetic lubrication of the entire day! What followed amounted to little more than trifling accomplishments which nonetheless just happen to fulfill the majority of one’s normal day on the planet. For example at Farm Boy grocery store in Stittsville we pleasingly paddled through the aisles, unperturbed by crowds other than the mollified spectre of employees unpacking crates, and gathered precisely what is required to strengthen our home provisions.  Afterwards it was the much mocked daily attendance at the automatic car wash.

And then at home, amid the blustery sky and cool afternoon breeze,  the standard portion of chilled espresso.  And the music. The unabashed narcotics of my day! Seemingly in the end it is all about the routine – though I prefer to imagine that the luck of the day is nonetheless very much a part of the formula.