Just saying,,,

It is but a distant and distracted regard I have of things on my daily calendar; viz., lectures, massage, webinar, medical exam, dental appointments, Amazon packages, 2nd vaccinations, blood test, birthdays and the recall of one no longer whinnying among us (an abrupt and unfair loss). It is an uncommon inattentiveness at this time of year since my retirement on March 31, 2014 when we first headed to Florida in July on an exceedingly open road, buoyed by unparalleled novelty and pioneering, when we summarily reversed the standard course of conduct and abandoned public service for the trifling scope of bicycling and laying in a secluded corner of a beach along the Atlantic Ocean, when in a trice the record of school, education and employment crystallized and drained precipitously off the edge of the map proving the earth is flat as far as one can see. Years later it melted down the coast into the Gulf of Mexico and then the Florida Keys. And now it is like a dream from which I am barely awake, uncertain whether the dream is over or whether new horizons await.

Blending these historic patterns with currency is a slow evolution. I am spared the monotony of my existence by reading, writing, bicycling, piano, music, photography and motoring. And day dreaming. Everything however is devoted to pleasure and cautious accommodation. There is no point to prove, no limit to be achieved, no argument to be won, no accomplishment to be attained. The undeniable truths of life are no longer debatable; it is time to reckon and be satisfied. Fortunately for me I am pleased with small victories – so long as they carry an evident measure of raw material and natural propulsion. The essence of life is simple and eminently palatable. There is no need for either obfuscation or expansion.