Knotting the threads

My sister and her husband recently returned from what by all accounts was a rewarding visit with their second daughter and her husband in California. It pleased me to receive this news. There was by coincidence a revival of other family memorabilia and photos.

Within the same breath I received a Request for Permission from John McQuarrie Photography to use portions of two of my articles previously published in “The Millstone News“. This nicely rounded out the distinguishing features of my past and present.

The day began with far less enthusiasm. The weather was grey and cold. For one of the few times during our sojourn here I had to wear a shell over both a shirt and fleece when bicycling in order to preserve myself from catching a chill. As so often happens in these circumstances the forecast tomorrow is for clear sky and considerably warmer. The wind will persist from the Northeast at a reasonable clip.

To compensate for the winter-like environment I went to the local grocery store late this afternoon to satisfy my awakening passion for Key Lime pie and peanut butter, both of which I purchased in addition to zucchini strands, toiletries and routine fruit, veggies and protein. The dessert was satisfying without being guilt-ridden.