Les faits accomplis

No time for ablutions. This is a cowboy day! Already breakfasted sometime around 4:00 am while placing things in line and creating a perfect square. Homemade apple sauce, crispy brown toasted bagel and rich creamy smelly cheese. A splinter of blue appeared in the awakening sky through the powdery sheers. On with the outer gear! Then onto the Electra! The subdivision roads were cloaked in remnant frosting, making it more treacherous than ideal.  Precision regard for the passage. Up the hill at the end of Jamieson Street, round the corner then cautiously back down Thorbun Street to Tait McKenzie Drive, turning onto King Street, left along Arthur Street down St. George Street, right onto Perth Street across Country Street then up William Street, James Street, Ann Street and back through the subdivision detouring one last gasp along Vaughan Street and home! A total of 4.41 kms.

Pausing in the apartment only long enough to void one’s bladder. Then downstairs once again to the aircraft hanger and into the cockpit of the Aviator. Switching up the buttons, pressing down the release and piano key to Drive. To the open air! By now the sky was clearing and more blue with dazzling yellow sunshine! It was still so cold that the tinted blue snow was a blanket of unadulterated light on the left and the right. We reached cruising altitude by Carleton Place. Then banking into the airstream on the edge of Stittsville to the mid-urban streets through the fray of traffic to the medical centre where we are bound to return in a couple of days.  That duty is performed! The calculation of what is to come.

And somewhere between breakfast and the drive we toiled up and down the arrowed pathways of the local grocery store, collecting outstanding provisions. But not without first having surgically sliced the edge of my left thumb.  The flow was unstoppable!  Mountains of tissue, messy sink, angry words, layers of sticky adhesive and finally a fine rubber sheath overtop the injured finger.

Intermittently responding to emails from insurance broker and Sparks Street artist, subduing mandatory and whimsical information and detail.