Lido Key Beach

Today was a single-minded beach venture. Shortly after 10:30 am this morning (having returned from my replenishing visit to Michael, my hair architect) I put on my bathing suit and rubber shoes, mounted my bicycle and headed south to Lido Key. There were fluffy white clouds in the predominantly blue sky but they appeared to be moving northward away from my destination. This proved to be correct though the transition was slow.  By the time I reached the beach and settled myself nearby the shore there was a dome of blue above me.

Already there were people swimming in the sea.  The arrival of young students on vacation has accelerated the beach activity.  Some later appeared to descend into a semblance of alcoholic liveliness (though I am uncertain what they were drinking from the pull-tab cans).

An older gentleman strolled by with his wife on the shore.  He was smoking a cigar and I relished the prospect of getting a whiff of it, which I did. Though I have never smoked a cigar on the beach it represents to me the height of tolerable indulgence.

The sun is for me a soporific.  I had no trouble laying still on my Polo shirt, occasionally turning over to cook both sides. It wasn’t until much later in the afternoon – approaching 4 o’clock – that I began to feel the mild tingle of the sun’s rays.  I am gradually deepening my colour and this reduces burning. The current devotion is reminiscent of the times I spent in Key West and on the Costa Brava cultivating a similar saturation. It has become a project!